Hi everybody, my name is Klinton and I´m born in Rome, Italy and I´m 26 years old. My parents come from Nigeria, so I can say that I am both: Italian and nigerian, african and european, or better; I come from the world. I grow up in a little block in Rome called: Tor Marancia. Before me, in this block the only people lived there were fascists and no black people. So I am the first black guy in that block. Was hard to live there, but you know: it´s better when the life is hard sometimes, just for have a challenge with yourself. My challange was this: acceptation. The multiple culture that I met in Rome, teached me how big is the world.
Anyway, the real vocation I have is writing. Writing for me is like a therapy, to understand myself and sometimes to understand the people, and this part is very difficult.
My travel started, and started in Heidelberg, Germany. I love this city, the culture of the people and one important thing: it’s quite. Am here for do a volontary stuff called EVS: European Voluntary Service with WerkstattSchule, a beautiful place to work with kids, young guys and with adult guys. My volunteering consist to help the people, but i can say that most of the time this kind of people help me much more than me. I work in Werkstattschule with wood, stone and other materials. It’s a right place to make free your art. I considerate myself lucky to stay here because, i meet fantastic persons and this persons develop my desire to know much more about the world.
I leave you with this story: one day in the middle of the night I meet a street artist. This man had a saxophone and started to play Moondance of Jonathan Rhys Meyers, was very cool. I remember that I was alone and in some point he stopped to play, started to look at me and said: “ accept the world with your heart!”

Thank you for giving me your time.