Seit April 2017 gibt es die Möglichkeit bei uns in der WERKstattSCHULE oder bei unserem Partner iPeicc in Frankreich einen Freiwilligen Dienst abzuleisten. 

Derzeit suchen wir für unsere Partnerorganisation in Frankreich eine/n Freiwillige/n: 

Du bist zwischen 17 und 30 Jahre alt, sprichst englisch und etwas französisch, die Arbeit mit Jugendlichen und Kindern macht dir Spass und du weißt noch nicht was du ab Oktober machen könntest.

Dann bewirb dich bei unserer Partnerorganisation iPeicc oder bei uns (Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!) für einen 10-monatigen Freiwilligendienst in Südfrankreich.

Weitere Infos:

Coordinating organisation : i-PEICC Peuple et Culture
Hosting organisation : Communauté de communes des Avants-Monts Centre Hérault
Duration : 1st October 2018- 31st July 2019

Volunteers will be hosted in the small city of Magalas (3 300 inhabitants), located in the south of France.

They will be involved in the following activities:
- Preparation and implementation of activities linked with 
Europe and multiculturality in the primary schools of 
Magalas as well as in secondary schools, youth centers and 
libraries located near to Magalas.
- Promotion of Erasmus+ program and mobility projects in the 
information desk for youngsters
- Organization of intercultural and European events with the 
members of the Communauté de

Volunteers will live together in a full-furnished flat with single rooms and Wifi.

Working hours: 
Volunteers will work 30 hours per week (from Monday to Friday). They will have two days of holidays per month.

Pocket money & food allowance : 
volunteers will receive 352€ per month.

Travel costs will be covered up to a maximum amount of 275€. Volunteers will have a bus card which will allow them to travel for free in the region of Magalas.

Volunteer profile: 
We are looking for dynamic and motivated volunteers, who would like to develop their skills in working with children and youngsters. Basic knowledge of French would be an advantage. (A driving licence would also be a plus!)

contact: Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!



Unsere ehemaligen EFDler:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Von April 2017 bis März 2018 waren drei junge Menschen für den Europäischen Freiwilligen Dienst bei uns in der WERKstattSCHULE. Aus der Türkei, Italien und Frankreich sind Ilke, Simona und Adrian angereist, um bei uns für ein Jahr deutsch zu lernen und bei spannenden Projekten mitzuarbeiten. 


ilke neu      

"Hello I’m İlke. I was born in 1992 in İstanbul Turkey. I can call myself one side a complex and crowded person and the other side very colorful and excited like my home city İstanbul. I completed my education in fınances and insurance busınes in order to maintain my family business. Then I switched to the international relations department.I started my business life with my first university. From here we can say life started for me. When I saw the difficulties and struggles in business life I searched a way out, which can make me happy. And I found the solution by taking pictures, taking long walks and discovering new places.The only motive I've ever practiced in my life is 'Do what you love!' It can be business, school, sports, etc.I came to Germany with the EVS program and I'm doing exactly what I love to do, dıscover a new country. I am staying in the same place with people I do not even know and accumulate beautiful memories."

"Merhaba ben İlke. Ben 1992 yılında İstanbul Türkiyede doğdum. Kendimi evim olan İstanbul gibi bir yandan karışık ve kalabalık ve diğer yandan oldukça renkli ve heyecanlı olarak adlandırabilirim . Üniversite eğitimimi aile mesleği olan finans ve sigortacılık üzerine tamamladım. Daha sonra Uluslararası ilişkiler bölümüne geçiş yaptım.İlk üniversitem ile birlikte iş hayatına başladım. Buradan sonra hayat benim için başladı diyebiliriz. İş hayatında yaşanılan zorlukları, mücadeleyi gördükçe kendimi mutlu edecek başka çıkış yolları aradım. Ve çözümü fotoğraf çekerek,uzun yürüyüşler yaparak ve yeni yerler keşfederek buldum.Hayatım boyunca şimdiye kadar uyguladığım tek motivasyonum 'Sevdiğin şeyi yap!’ Bu iş hayatı,okul,spor vs. olabilir.Almanyaya EVS programı ile geldim ve tam olarak sevdiğim şeyi yapıyorum, yeni bir ülkeyi keşfediyorum. Hiç tanımadığım insanlar ile aynı yerde kalıp güzel anılar biriktiriyorum."



"My name's Simona. I was born in 1987. I come from Italy, precisely from Abruzzo. My studies are purely about art and I started it when I was 14. I learned to work with clay, drawing potraits, studying art history. I chose the University at the L'Aquila in Accademy of Art and I enrolled in the Sculpture course. Here I learned to work with chelk, to carve a little Stone and I improved the various Painting techniques. I got to the end of the studies graduated in 2011. For several years I could not find a suitable job to my studies. I worked in a biscuit factory, I played the Civil service. I was dealing with autistic children, hyperactive children with difficulties in learning at School. For a year I worked in a kitchen of a farmhouse. Three years ago I lived in Germany for one month. Even though I lived there for just am so attracted. I searched in the internet something that could offer not only the opportunity to come back but that also gave me the opportunity to make a different experience dealing something for which I studied. At the same time I hope to be useful for you and to get a positive experience."

"Mi chiamo Simona, sono nata nel 1987. Vengo dall'Italia precisamente dall'Abruzzo. I miei studi sono prettamente sull'arte che ho iniziato quando avevo 14 anni. Ho imparato a lavorare con l'argilla, a disegnare ritratti e a studiare storia dell'arte. Poi mi sono iscritta all'università a l'Aquila all'Accademia delle Belle Arti al corso di scultura. Qui ho imparato a lavorare il gesso,  a scolpire un po' la pietra e ho migliorato le varie tecniche di pittura. Alla fine degli studi mi sono laureata nel 2011. Da qui sono andata alla ricerca di un lavoro che potesse soddisfare le mie capacità apprese durante i lunghi anni di studio.Ho lavorato in una fabbrica di biscotti, ho svolto il Servizio Civile Nazionale nella mia città. Aiutavo ragazzi con problematiche tipo: autistici, iperattivi e ragazzi con difficoltà di apprendimento scolastico. Ho lavorato per un anno in una cucina di un agriturismo. Tre anni fa ho vissuto in Germania per un mese e ne sono rimasta attratta.Per questo sono andata alla ricerca di qualcosa che potesse offrirmi non solo la possibilità di tornare qui ma che mi desse l'opportunità di fare un'esperienza diversa occupandomi di qualcosa per la quale ho studiato. Allo stesso tempo spero di essere utile per voi al fine di ottenere un'esperienza positiva."



"Hey, I’m Adrien from France.

After seeing that long studies were not really made for me, I worked for a few years as a solfege and piano teacher to learn music to children. I also worked as volunteer in an association which take care of foreign students to make their journey in France as great as possible. Loving to travel and discover others cultures, I decided to join this experiences and to go to Heidelberg at the WerkstattSchule to share an exceptionnal experience. Indeed, new life, new city, new job, new meetings, new way of life in Hagebutze, as well as Werkstattschule receive for the first time three European Volunteers Service (my flatmates and I). Each learn to live and to work together and I guess it’s enriching for each one. During learning with co-workers lots of technical of work (and lots of specifical german words), I hope to bring here lots of happiness, new projects and try to show to the youngsters that there are lots of things to do in their life. The show must go on ! Don’t worry, be happy !"

"Hey, je m’appelle Adrien et je viens de France.

Après avoir vu que les longues études n’étaient pas vraiment faites pour moi, j’ai travaillé pendant quelques années en tant que professeur de piano et de solfège afin d’apprendre la musique aux enfants. Par ailleurs, j’ai travaillé en tant que service civique dans une association qui s’occupait des étudiants étrangers  et qui avait pour but de rendre leur séjour en France aussi  agréable que possible. Passionné de voyages, qui vont de paire avec la découverte d’autres  cultures, j’ai donc décidé de joindre ces expériences et de faire mes valises pour Heidelberg afin d’intégrer l’équipe de la WerkstattSchule pour partager cette expérience hors du commun. En effet, nouvelle vie, nouvelle ville, nouveau travail, nouvelles rencontres, nouvelle manière de vivre à Hagebutze, aussi bien que la WerkstattSchule accueille pour la première fois trois Services Volontaires Européens (mes colocataires et moi). Ainsi, chacun apprend à vivre ensemble, à travailler ensemble, et je suppose que c’est enrichissant pour tous. Tout en apprenant avec nos collègues de nombreuses techniques de travail (et des mots spécifiques en allemand à foison), j’espère apporter ici beaucoup de joie, de nouveaux projets et essayer de montrer aux jeunes accueillis par la Werkstattschule qu’il y a un nombre incalculable de choses à faire dans la vie. The show must go on ! Don’t worry, be happy !"

Hier gibt´s noch mehr Infos.

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Lampen - Workshop

About the Lamb-Workshop

3 EVS volunteers, 3 weeks Tuesday- Wednesday days worked in the lamp workshop.

 The aim of the workshop was to create a different lamp with normal, everyday materials. And our common idea is to make living room all together.

On the first day, we all think what we can use in our lamps. We drew our models and talked about it . We developed more different things than we thought. Another goal is to create ideas that are suitable for Werkstattschule when there are so many woods and stones.

After we decided to do the lamps, we made them at the Werkstattschule Atelier.

Simona made a lamp from stone, Adrien made a ceiling lamp from empty bottles, and I (ilke) made a ceiling lamp with the clock. With the help of Mr. Wolfgang, We have prepared a lamp from the living room.

I can tell all of you that it was a very pleasant work. We learned to look at the things around us more differently. And the best part of the workshop ,so everything belonged to us.

Thank you WSS